Communicator 4.03, Linux and remote execution

Dave Wreski dave at
Mon Sep 29 05:37:28 GMT 1997

Hi all.  I wonder if anyone has setup Communicator 4.03 to run from a
samba machine, serving NT 3.51 and 4.0 workstation machines.

It seems the initial install application does not fully execute when
running from a remote share, and I can't figure out why.

I'd like to have a 'public' directory where installation binaries can be
kept, and have each user run it from this share, instead of having to copy
it locally, then execute it.

Also, instead of C:\Program Files\Communicator, has anyone successfully
installed this over the network, so it doesn't have to take up space on
every workstations hard disk?

Oh, one other Communicator question.  Does anyone know how to import
user profiles, so I can have one user connect from any one PC on the
network, and use the same profile?  Currently, I have to setup the profile
on the shared disk, but recreate the profile at each workstation that the
user will login to.  It would be much easier to install once, on
F:\Profiles\Fred, for instance, and import that configuration from another
machine, instead of having to retype his entire configuration at every

Dave Wreski

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