Domain logins

Dave Wreski dave at
Mon Sep 29 05:32:52 GMT 1997

Hi all.  I recently (like, today :) posted a message about the best way to
manage two samba servers and ten or so Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51 Workstation

I'm not sure if my question was clear, and I've also gathered more
information about what exactly I want to do.

These are all 3.51 and 4.0 workstation machines; there is no NT server
involved.  All workstations and two samba servers are in the same

My users are complaining that they have to log into the samba servers and
login to their local NT workstation 'server' machine, where we are keeping
the local network data.

The two samba servers are used for intranet staging servers.

Currently the users are logging into one NT 3.51 workstation that I'm
treating as a server, as it has several shares set up that the rest of the
NT workstation users use.

Can I use the 'netlogin', I believe its called, feature to enable easier
user-level authentication?

Thanks for any ideas,
Dave Wreski

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