Browsing: How does it work exactly?

Hiran Chaudhuri Hiran.Chaudhuri at
Sun Sep 28 16:33:10 GMT 1997

Hi there.

Sorry if this is too basic or redundant, but I have tried to understand
the samba manual and the faq, and still cannot figure out what and when
and how MS operating systems can log on to samba and browse.

My setup is samba 1.9.17 running on linux 2.0.29. It is configured as
domain controller, and home directories, logon scripts and roaming
profiles work. The guest account is enabled as a user 'guest' without
any password.

- Now, when I log on to the system from W95 as normal user, I can
browse, mount shares etc. When I log on as user, but without W95
configured for domain logon, I still can browse and mount shares etc.

- Logging on as nonexistent user requires me to enter a password even to
browse. Of course here domain login was disabled from W95 side.

- Windows NT does not want to accept samba as domain controller (I know,
this was discussed several times in the list and is included in the faq)
but without domain it can browse and mount shares (I have set it to
unencrypted passwords).

- When connecting to Linux via RAS Win95 can only browse after mounting
a share.

- Windows NT claims that no protocol could be built up for RAS
connection and disconnects the line.

Please note that for all this I did never change the samba
configuration, just the setup of the windows boxes. I also am not sure
whether I have to setup the WINS entry, use LMHOST tables or anything

Could someone please explain to me how browsing works in detail, what
packet broadcasts are being sent and what client shoul,d be able to see
which server/share when?

Hiran Chaudhuri

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