SAMBA digest 1434

Matt Lavallee Matt.Lavallee at
Sun Sep 28 14:32:30 GMT 1997

: Lee wrote:
: > 	Trying to delete a file on a samba share from a w95 dos prompt
: > gives the error:
: >    S:\>del h15.html
: >    General failure reading drive S
: >     Abort, Retry, Fail?a
: Lee,
: 	This was a bug in 1.9.17 that has been fixed
: in the subsequent patch releases. Upgrade to 1.9.17p2
: to fix the problem.
: Hope this helps,
: Jeremy Allison,
: Samba Team.

I have a question along a similar vein.  Once an NT4 workstation connects 
to my Samba server (on RH 4.1), they are left with a network drive 
identified as "(none)".  Have you seen this happen before?  It would seem 
that the clients are not disconnecting the share; nor are they ever fully 
connecting it.
    Example (this is exactly what the "Disconnect Mapped Drive" dialog 
looks like):
    (none)  \\SAMBA\SHARE
    F:          \\NORMAL\SHARE

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