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Jan Kratochvil short at
Sat Sep 27 13:36:24 GMT 1997

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997 14:37:28 +0200, Geza Makay wrote:
> At 09:50 PM 9/25/97 +1000, you wrote:
> >if you click on it from a 95/NT box, you get a "network path not found"
> >error. What does this mean? I couldn't find it in the FAQ...
> I had the same problem with version 1.9.17p1 and Windows for WorkGroups.
> Reverting back the nmbd to an older (1.9.16p9) version solved the problem.
> Now I am running smbd 1.9.17p1 and nmbd 1.9.16p9 together and everything
> works fine. It seems therefore that the 1.9.17p1 version of nmbd is broken.
> I posted this before, but I did not received any reply.
> Another problem I had, that with 1.9.17p1 the smbd processes are owned by
> root except for short intervals when the process is actually serving the
> client. I would like all smbd processes to be owned by the appropriate
> user. I would make my life so much easier (and anyway, switching back a
> forth between users: why???).
> I would very much like both to be resolved.

  I don't know exactly if the described case is the reason for this bug, but:
Using 1.9.17p1 and DOS MSClient (16-bit part of Windows for Workgroups) the
MS Client tries to resolve direct NetBIOS name requests by several broadcasts
without any success (nmbd hears it but doesn't answer!), then it tries direct
packet to WINS server (with NetBIOS "UNICAST" flag set") - receives immediate
nmb answer. I would catch (I hope ;-) ) this bug but I'm now somehow short
of time (unfortunately as everybody). Maybe 1.9.16p9 replies correctly to
broadcasts? (haven't tcpdumped it yet)

  BTW MS Client was set to P-Mode (only direct WINS queries, fail if not
replied) by T46=02 in DHCP reply but it apparently ignores this setting.
Also it is not stored to DHCP.PRM so I think that it ignores T46 at all
(although it would be nice to reduce broadcast pollution).

  Hope it helps,
	Jan "Lace" Kratochvil

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