Win95 domain logons, policy files, and avoid tedium

Joshua Heling jrh at
Fri Sep 26 22:05:15 GMT 1997

Hi all --

I've been thrilled at how well 1.9.17p1 (well, now p2) handles domain logons 
for Win95 clients.  Many thanks to both the Samba team and the members of this 

I'm getting the automatic CONFIG.POL file stuff working now, but I'm needing 
make a copy of "Default User" for each new user I add ... is there not an 
easier way to do this?  [  I really hope so, otherwise that means a windows 
machine is necessary for day-to-day maintainence of the Samba setup ... that 
would be unfortunate. ]  I have two users (roamer and atest) that I'm testing 
things with .. there is a user named roamer in the CONFIG.POL and none for 
atest.  When roamer logs in, the CONFIG.POL file is used - when atest logs in, 
it's just like there's no .POL file.

I've tried to create a "group" in the CONFIG.POL file, thinking maybe they 
would map to the Unix groups that the samba users belong to on the domain 
controller (the Samba box).  However, this doesn't seem to be the case.  I 
created the "users" group in poledit.exe, but still no policy for atest.

Does anyone have any ideas?  I've not spent much time with Win95 before this 
... is there a way to say "use this policy for all users without their own 
specific policy?".


Joshua Heling
SecurePipe Commuications

Joshua Heling				              jrh at

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