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Kun Li likun at
Thu Sep 25 02:48:33 GMT 1997

I'm new to this list . So first all I will express my appreciation
for your help.

recently I setup samba server on  my sun sparc 4 for using as a 
document center. What I need is a place to put our file , and all 
of my group could create file of his own , and  have the read
permission to all file and  write permission to the only file he
created . Other people out of my group should have only the  read
permission to all the file. all our client environment is Win95
and I'd like all people can browse my samba server , so I run
sambd and nmbd on my samba server . 

Now it's the question:

If I want everyone visit my sabma server through the network neighbor
function on the Win95 , I guess I must set up the guest account 
parameter as pcguest in my sam.conf file , and the write list parameter
point to my group. So everyone of the world can visit the samba 
server , and so do my group , but when my group visit the sabma server
through the network neighbor function , he can't get the write
permission, because the samba server recognize him as pcguest user , so 
it doesn't think this user is belonging to my group. This is the
problem. How can I let the samba server partition my group from the
pcguest user ? 

So I was using  the driver map function to visit the samba server , but
after I first mapped a driver to the samba server , the next time
starting up the Win95 and  visited the mapped driver , I got "permission

denied" prompt . So I must unmap then remap the driver to the samba 
server, it's so bother . Is there a way through it ?

another problem is when I open my network neighbor function , usually I
can see all the machine , about 200 ,  in our network , but now sometime
I can see the samba server , and sometime  I can't see the samba server
sometime I can only see the samba server , other machine on our network
all disappear . So strange !  do you have any hints ?

thank you for your help again.
likun at

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