HELP : Getting Samba to authenticate against YP (NIS)

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Wed Sep 24 20:35:03 GMT 1997

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> Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 11:58:15 +1000 (EST)
> From: Charlie Brady <cbrady at>
> To: "A.Farrow" <A.N.Farrow at>
> Subject: Re: HELP : Getting Samba to authenticate against YP (NIS)
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> On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, A.Farrow wrote:
> > However, I recently heard (although I cannot place the source) that Samba
> > could authenticate against a YP Server. If this is true, then I am assuming
> > that this will eliminate the need for a smbpasswd file, and I would then
> Getting samba to authenticate against a YP server should be easy to
> implement if it doesn't happen already.

this is true only if you're using 'encrypt passwords = no', correct?

> > only have to keep YP and
> > NT in synchronisation. Still a task, but one less thing to do, and more
> > importantly
> > one less thing to get out of synch.
> There is a (in development) package called nisGINA to get NT to
> authenticate against a YP server. This should do the trick.

i asked about nisgina recently but didn't get any response.  i'm happily
using nisgina- on my nt 4.0 workstation.  what isn't working for me
is the sambapasswdd program which allows nisgina to update the smbpasswd
entry based on the nis password.  is anyone else successfully using
sambapasswdd on their samba/nis server?

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