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Mark Hazen mhazen at
Tue Sep 23 13:16:16 GMT 1997

Tim Brennan wrote:

> Subject: Lotus saving to a Samba share
> Situation:  Users are working on common files from a group dumping
> ground, provided by samba to their pc's.  If its a file user Joe
> created, Joe can update it w/o a problem.  If user Mary opens the
> file (and she's the only one with it open, so that's not the problem),
> makes some modifications, and tries to save her changes, she gets
> a "Directory update error" from Lotus.  The update actually happens,
> but this error tells you it didn't.  If Mary saves it as a different
> name, it works fine.


Enclosed is the section from my smb.conf file setting up the share we use
for Lotus files. I assume you're talking Lotus 5 mulimedia, right? In any
case, this works fine for us... note that there is indeed a dedicated user
named "lotus" who gets to own all of the files. This is due to the exact
problem you documented... Lotus isn't truly network friendly. 

   comment = Lotus Workspace
   path = /home/budget/lotus
   create mask = 0775
   public = yes
   printable = no
   strict locking = yes
   write list = @sysadm, @budget
   read list = @sysadm, @budget
   map archive = no
   force user = lotus
   force group = budget



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