Implementing SAMBA w/ Automounter

Geza Makay makayg at
Tue Sep 23 12:28:13 GMT 1997

>I checked the archives and automounter is only mentioned for home dirs.
>Our organization would like to implement SAMBA but we have over 150
>mount points.  Is there a way we can use automounter maps with
>Having to edit smb.conf each time we add/remove a mount point would be quite
>annoying and time consuming.

How about default service? Here we have a default service called [cdroms]
(smb.conf [global] section option: default service = cdroms), if the user
uses an unknown service name (other that his/her home directory), then the
[cdroms] share is used. If you use the service name in the path (e.g. path
= /mnt/cdroms/%S) and automount everything under /mnt/cdroms, then it would
work like you wanted: you do not have to edit smb.conf, and it works
together with automounter in the sense that it mounts the appropriate
directories when they are accessed (i.e. when they are connected).

I hope this helps.


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