Password Server on Different Subnet

Derek Lisinski, 170 Systems, Inc. DLISINSKI at
Mon Sep 22 17:10:27 GMT 1997

Hello All, 
I think that this question has been answered before, but I need an answer 
quickly so I am submitting it before I begin searching for the answer on the 
web page. 
The setup of the system has the Samba server on a different subnet from the 
password server that it is using.  There seems to be problems communicating 
between the two machines.  Sometimes they will be fine to start and then later 
lose their connection and other times, you cannot even establish the 
connection up front.  The questions is: 
Are there specific smb.conf entries that need to be made to make this setup 
Any help is greatly appreciated. 
Derek Lisinski 
170 Systems, Inc. 
dlisinski at 
Office:	(617) 621-0900 x227 
Fax:	(617) 621-0955 

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