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Sun Sep 21 16:16:39 GMT 1997

shyde at (Simon Hyde) writes:

> On Sun, 21 Sep 1997 03:29:48 +1000, you wrote:
> >> I looked at this, however this simply uses a substring search to find
> >> the faxnumber in the body of the document.
> >> 
> >> This is a problem for two reasons - one, we have to train everyone to
> >> enter faxes a certain way, and typing and syntax mistakes are not
> >> immediately obvious.
> >> 
> >> As a result, this will end up an administrative and support nightmare
> >> for us.
> >> 
> >> Any other solutions?
> >

[more sugestions deleted]

Just to make things a bit more varied, two more possibilities:

- Send the document as is to the fax print queue. Use a script as the
  print command that sends a Winpopup message (via smbclient) to the
  user, asking for the telephone number the fax should be sent to. The
  user sends a winpopup message with the number back to Samba and
  faxing continues.

- Same as above, but instead of Winpopup use a little public domain
  client program under Windows 95, available from It asks (after being initiated from
  the server) the number from the user and sends it back to the server.


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