Samba Faxing

Dave Wreski dave at
Sun Sep 21 00:03:22 GMT 1997

Hi guys.  I saw your conversations on the samba list, and hoped I could
jump in too, as I'm currently trying to do the same.

I have Hylafax receiving faxes correctly on my Linux samba-1.9.17p1 box.

I'm really interested in the design part at this stage.  I have a bunch of
NT users that would like to use this as a network fax server.  I
understand I can use smbclient to notify them when an incoming fax has
arrived (echo "New Fax Arrived" | smbclient -M NTMACHINE).  I can
certainly write a script that sends this message when the receive fax
script finishes.

My problem is that I don't know the best way to get the fax to the user.

Should I share the faxq directory, and have the user grab it, and send it
to the local printer if he wants to?

Should I simply sent it to the printer, which happens to be connected to
an NT machine?

It appears that someone is currently working on some fax software for
WinNT (see but I don't understand why I
need that.  Can't I just grab one of the freeware/shareware fax clients,
and define the fax printer queue as the printer?

Bill, you said you had some perl code to parse the FaxNo: field from the
message.  Is that simply something that sits at the top of the document?
Is it plain-text, or postscript, or what?

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.

Dave Wreski

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