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Sat Sep 20 18:33:49 GMT 1997

On Sun, 21 Sep 1997, Graham Leggett wrote:

> Simon Hyde wrote:
> > There is information on Just such a solution (finding the fax number from the text
> > as aposed to from a special client) described in Faxing.txt in the docs directory
> > of the Samba install
> I looked at this, however this simply uses a substring search to find
> the faxnumber in the body of the document.
> This is a problem for two reasons - one, we have to train everyone to
> enter faxes a certain way, and typing and syntax mistakes are not
> immediately obvious.
> As a result, this will end up an administrative and support nightmare
> for us.
> Any other solutions?

there are fields in microtoss word documents and others (msvc programmers
will be familiar with the implementation of these, in storage/streams; 
users will be familiar with viewing specialised streams: pulling up the
"properties" on a microtoss word or excel document will give you info on

these fields contain "author", "revision", "comments", version info, etc etc.

some systems dedicate one of these fields, which can be entered under the 
document properties (somewhere - don't ask me where), to have a specific 

e.g the "comment" field can contain "fax: +44 1xxx xxx xxxx".

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