Samba and Fax

Graham Leggett graham at
Fri Sep 19 16:56:31 GMT 1997

Bill Campbell wrote:

> >Is it possible to send a fax to Samba (and then to mgetty+sendfax)
> >through the standard Microsoft Fax drivers included with Win95/NT?
> Why would you want to when there are many fax software packages that
> run on Unix servers which are far superior to the M$ crud?  We use the
> free HylaFax software on our systems here.

I want to ensure that absolutely no third party software setup is
required on the Win95 machines at all, as such a setup will involve
maintenance, which is not ideal.

Will hylafax allow me to set up a samba print queue so this is possible?

AFAIK a Windows FAX looks like a printer to the OS, can samba be
configured as such a "printer"?

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