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Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Fri Sep 19 06:43:21 GMT 1997

At 04:01 PM 9/19/97 +1000, Dave Wreski wrote:
>Hi all.  I found some more information regarding my [homes] section
>problem.  I have NT 4.0 without the SP3 patch (yet) and Linux 2.0.31-pre9,
>samba 1.9.17p1.
>My homes section is configured like this:
>   comment = Home Directories
>   browseable = yes
>   writable = yes
>   path = /home/%u
>When I click on that share I expect it to take me to the directory of the
>username I'm logged in as in NT.  Instead it asks me for a username and
>password which is always invalid.  /var/log/messages reports:
>Sep 19 01:55:04 apps PAM_pwdb[972]: 1 authentication failure; (uid=0) ->
>nobody for samba service

I have the ?mbd stuff running as user Samba, whom is a normal user, but
they can't login. I never use 'nobody'. I have 'nobody' in a
straight-jacket that's so tight it can't even fart.

Does you Samba guest user exist?

>Why is this?  I'm trying to login as user steve, and his home directory
>exists, and I can login from Linux just fine.  Can someone tell me what's
>going on here, and possibly what their favorite [homes] section config
>options are?

   comment	= Home Directory
   browseable	= no
   read only	= no
   map archive	= no
   map hidden	= no
   map system	= no
   wide links	= no
   allow hosts	= <IP addr>/
   create mode	= 0777

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