More questions about WINS, interfaces, etc

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Thu Sep 18 14:45:37 GMT 1997

Hi all,

>> I have yet another question about WINS and DNS...  Why can't the
>> DNS be used as the database of reference for name-to-address
>> mappings when using NB over TCP/IP?
>we're working on that, for samba-2.

No, no, NO !!!

Why can't I have completely separate DNS and NB namespaces?

Windows clients support this quite happily, so why can't Samba?

Each system has its own repository of information (named, or WINS server)
and distinct mechanisms exist for lookup and retrival of info.

By all means give Samba the capability to use the DNS as the prime source
of information, but please, please allow it also to keep the NB namespace
uterly separate.

(Yes, I know that even currently Samba uses gethostbyname() now and again,
imply use of the DNS even for what (I think) should be purely NB type

Just my two-pence worth.

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