More questions about WINS, interfaces, etc

Philip A. Prindeville philipp at
Thu Sep 18 09:01:20 GMT 1997

I have yet another question about WINS and DNS...  Why can't the
DNS be used as the database of reference for name-to-address
mappings when using NB over TCP/IP?  Assuming you could easily
make incremental changes to the name server and propagate them
out to all of the secondaries, then why bother having nmbd (or
whatever) keep in-memory tables at all?

On the subject of that, who would be responsible for adding the
name to the DNS:  Samba or the DHCP server?  What about

I've modified source/interface.c to handle interface names instead
of addresses/netmasks...  I thought this might be nicer since if
you renumber a network or change a host's address, the fewer
places you have to change its IP address the better.  So with these
patches (I'm working with 1.9.16p11 -- sorry) you can say something

	interfaces = le0 le1


	interfaces = all

(where "all" excludes interfaces that aren't "running" or that
are "loopback".)

Does anyone really use iface_set_default()?  Or is this there
mostly to support the defunct -B option?  Can this be safely nuked?
(Assuming the calls to it in client.c and nmblookup.c get cleaned


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