Problems with printing to NT from Nextstep

Simon (V. ILyushchenko) simonf at
Thu Sep 18 06:48:14 GMT 1997


I have precompiled samba binaries version 1.9.16p9 on Nextstep 3.3. When
I try to print to an NT printer, I have the following problems:

1. Sometimes smbclient's connection time is very slow (more exactly,
minutes may pass between "Adding interface" message and smb command
prompt). Looks like it is very slow the first time after a login and
gets faster at the further tries.

2. Only whole pages are printed. If a file is too small, the printer
will wait for more input from smbclient. If a file is longer than one
page, the complete pages will be printed, and the rest will be left
"cached". If I print something else from the same smbclient later, it
gets appended to the cached text. If I print from a Windows machine
later, the cached text is printed on a separate page before giving way
to the Windows output.

I have to confess I have made a small change to the smbprint script: I
changed the line 'cat' to 'cat $1' in the commands piped to smbclient.
Not that it should matter...

Any ideas?


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