SUMMARY: Re: too many open files?

Paul Blackman ictinus at
Thu Sep 18 02:03:27 GMT 1997

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Kevin Reither wrote:
> Some of my users are getting errors when more than about 30 or 40 files are
> open at once.  Samba does not allow any more files to open.  Our main
> server is on a Sparc 5, but we have tried it with an Ultra and expierienced
> the same problem.
> Kevin Reither
> Qualcomm Inc.

Hi Kevin,
The current version (1.9.17p1) I believe defaults to allow 100 open 
files, earlier versions I think were 50.

If you need to exceed either of these limits you will need to make 
changes to the source code and recompile Samba.

In the current release (1.9.17p1, earlier should be similar) look for 
the line in local.h that reads

#define MAX_OPEN_FILES 100

Change the '100' to be the number of open files that you require (<255 files)
Recompile Samba, make sure you PCs will handle the same number of open 
files, and away you go.

On a DOS/Windows PC 'files=xxx' should be added to the config.sys file, 
for large values of xxx.


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