too many open files?

Kevin Reither kreither at
Wed Sep 17 20:13:10 GMT 1997

I am new to this list, but have installed samba and been supporting it for
several months.  I just ran into a problem that I cannot seem to find a
solution to.  

Some of my users are getting errors when more than about 30 or 40 files are
open at once.  Samba does not allow any more files to open.  Our main
server is on a Sparc 5, but we have tried it with an Ultra and expierienced
the same problem.

I did not see anything in the smb.conf that would limit the number of files
that could be open at once.

I have looked through comp.protocols.smb, and the other info available on
the samba web page.

Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Kevin Reither
Qualcomm Inc.

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