"security = server" not working

Bill_Berndt at oci.com Bill_Berndt at oci.com
Wed Sep 17 19:34:28 GMT 1997

I have been using Samba 1.9.16p9 on a SCO Openserver 5.02 operationg
system.  It has worked fairly well of us.  However, I discovered that when
I transfered a large file to the server (gt. 300MB) all of the available
memory would get used up and crash the system.  I decided to try the latest
version of Samba (1.9.17p1).

The memory problem went away but we encountered a new one.  Samba would no
longer validate logins using our NT server.  Instead, it would use the
password file on the Unix box.  I tried different versions, including
alphas, to find out where the login problem got introduced.  I found that
it started with the "1.9.17alpha1" version.

For now, I am using version 1.9.16p11.  I no longer have the memory leak or
password authentication problem.

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