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Darrin M. Gorski dgorski at ford.com
Wed Sep 17 18:06:32 GMT 1997

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Murray Barrett wrote:

> Hmm, those are level 0 messages.  Are you sure that you set up the proper
> directories and enabled DFS in the make file?

Wow, I somehow  missed (actually just realized) -DDFS_AUTH

Added all of the others, forgot that one. As it turns out now, the Sun
doesn't appear to have the development code (can't find dce/*.h), so I'm
going to try on one of the the DEC boxes.

Makes me feel silly to have missed that, and yet to have still wondered
why I'm not getting the DCE authentication messages...<sigh>

> Would it be appropriate to post them to this list or would the bugs list
> be better? 

I'd normally say send it to both, but since you are the only other person
on the list I've ever heard speak of DCE, I figure only you and I are even
interested. The bugs list _will_ be interested, and if your lucky, you
won't have to blend your patches into the next release!

Thanks for the help! I'll be back...


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