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Murray Barrett murrayb at ca.ibm.com
Wed Sep 17 17:29:03 GMT 1997

Hmm, those are level 0 messages.  Are you sure that you set up the proper
directories and enabled DFS in the make file?

One fix was AIX specific.  The password can not be checked for on the
local machine as it only exists in the DCE registry, so this part of the
code was #ifdef'ed.  Another fix was to keep the call to
"sec_login_valid_and_cert_ident" from zeroing out "(char *) password".
I'll just got the diffs applied to 17 a while ago.  I'll post them once I
make sure they apply to 17p1 (just grabbed it today).  Would it be
appropriate to post them to this list or would the bugs list be better?

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