SAMBA digest 1422

Neil Piper njp at
Wed Sep 17 02:05:43 GMT 1997

Incase 6000 people get this message recently, it is very disruptive if one
has to go to the Web to unsubscribe!!!!!! I did not subscribe in the first

After this I'm continuing to trash without reading. As a suggestion, perhaps
the 'Samba' mailing list needs to be revisited so that people can conciously
elect to participate.

Have a nice day all.

At 00:52 17/09/97 +1000, you wrote:
>			    SAMBA Digest 1422
>For information on unsubscribing and on what is appropriate to post to
>this list see
>Topics covered in this issue include:
>  1) Time/Date on Denial's in Log
>	by George Gallen <ggallen at>
>  2) nisgina sambapasswdd

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