NetBEUI for Unix?

Michael Rendell michael at
Mon Sep 15 15:35:58 GMT 1997

On 10-Sep-97 David Scott <ds at> wrote:
 >Does anyone know if someone has been perverse enough to write a version of
 >NetBEUI for Unix?

We've been working on doing this here (to make booting diskless win95
from a unix machine simpler).  What has been done to date is full llc
(ieee 802.2) support has been added to the freebsd kernel (done by
John Rochester) and a somewhat simplified netbios protocol layer has been
implemented in user space (simplified as it assumes at most one netbios
session per host - no multiplexing multiple netbios sessions over single
llc session).  Samba (1.9.17) has been hacked to use the netbios layer
(most changes were to keep it from writing the 4 byte packet length
at the start of SMB packets).  Everything appears to be working fine
(can browse a share, copy to and from a share, execute programs, etc.),
but more testing needs to be done, and the netbios layer has to be moved
to the kernel.

 >I know that NetBIOS and NetBEUI used to be one and the same -- presumably
 >RFC1002 and RFC 1003 came about to put some order into the situation

The netbios protocol I'm using is based on an IBM doc (SC30-3587-01).
I've been wondering why microsoft calls it netbeui - I suspect it is simply
a marketing thing (maybe IBM owns `netbios'?).  Does anyone know if microsoft
has changed or extented the protocol?


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