getting SAMBA servrer browsable

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Sep 16 14:58:00 GMT 1997

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Mark L Roberts wrote:

> I am still having trouble getting my HP server to be seen by Win95 clients
> using an NT 3.51 SErver as browse/master win server. I remote announce directly
> to it to no avail.

you don't wanna do thaaaat.

try this:

wins server = ip.address.of.nt_wins_server
wins support = no

workgroup = nt_3.51_workgroup

; the nt server is the browse master and presumably logon server already
domain master = no
domain logons = no

; parameters to beat w95 and nt workstation on its local subnet
os level = 4
preferred master = yes
local master = yes

>  Of note is our network is made of two class B networks with
> variable subnet masking so all clients just about are on subnets with a
> different subnet mask so the default broadcast does not reach them.  With
> logging on I do see nmbd reach primary wins server but entry seems to get
> deleted soon after as "obsolete". Is there an NT policy involved here.

? don't know.  check to see if samba continues to announce to the NT WINS 
server every... 12 minutes or so.

it _doesn't_ happen to get marked as "obsolete" after 12 seconds, does it?

looks like there might be a bug here, if anything's wrong.  can you run 
netmon or tcpdump, grabbing a w95 netbios name registration to the WINS 
server, and a samba netbios name registration to the WINS server, and 
send them to me (in plain text)?

>  Changing my broadcast address for nmbd does not seem to work (I try
> nnn.nnn.255.255)

that would be a bad idea.


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