getting SAMBA servrer browsable

Mark L Roberts mlroberts at
Mon Sep 15 22:24:35 GMT 1997

I am still having trouble getting my HP server to be seen by Win95 clients
using an NT 3.51 SErver as browse/master win server. I remote announce directly
to it to no avail.  Of note is our network is made of two class B networks with
variable subnet masking so all clients just about are on subnets with a
different subnet mask so the default broadcast does not reach them.  With
logging on I do see nmbd reach primary wins server but entry seems to get
deleted soon after as "obsolete". Is there an NT policy involved here.
 Changing my broadcast address for nmbd does not seem to work (I try
nnn.nnn.255.255), it stick to the expect broadcast based on my subnet. No I can
not change network or NT servers as they are all under IS control.  Thanks for
a clue in advance.

			Mark Roberts

P.S. Newest samab compiles fine under HPUX 9.4 with option mapped memory for
fast file access enables but errors out with a shared mem error at run time.
Default Make file works fine without this optin set.

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