Time/Date on Denial's in Log

George Gallen ggallen at slackinc.com
Mon Sep 15 16:14:12 GMT 1997

Currently if someone is denied access to the Servers Shares (unix end)
all that is recorded in the log file is.....

Gethostbyaddr failed for x.x.x.x
Gethostbyaddr failed for x.x.x.x
Denied connection from x.x.x.x. (x.x.x.x) to IPC$

Is there anyway to register the time & date as well when they were
access? Right now only the last attempted is dated (by the date of last
modification of the log.pcusername file).

Similar to the allowed log entry....

08/22/97 16:28:32 ggallen (x.x.x.x) connect to service PR1 as user
george (uid=101,gid=15) (pid 2827)
08/22/97 16:31:59 ggallen (x.x.x.x) closed connection to service PR1  

We are currently using version 1.19.16p11 on Digital Unix 3.2c with C2.

George Gallen
ggallen at slackinc.com

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