Multiple Samba's on a single machine

David Darville david at
Mon Sep 15 00:24:12 GMT 1997

 I need to set up cross-subnet browsning for multiple domains, and as I understand I need to set up one samba for each domain/workgroup. And therefore I need to run multiple samba's one one machine.
When running only one samba at a time, there is no problems, samba replicates the browse list from a NT just as it's supposed to do.
I have confugured the Linux box to have several alias-interfaces, with seperate IP-addresses, on the same subnet, and then I played around with the 'socket address' and 'interfaces' configuration options, but I can't make it work :-(

Can anyone please tell me how it's supposed to work .

- David Darville

PS. I'm using samba v 1.9.17, on a Linux box (kernel v. 2.0.30)

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