Can you mount a pc drive on a server

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Sat Sep 13 05:47:35 GMT 1997

Dean Clark <dclark at> wrote:

: I'd like to be able to see a Novell disk on my unix host.
: Anyone know if Samba or Rumba will let me do this?

No, Samba won't allow you to do this. With Samba you can share a Unix
(also OS/2, VMS and NetWare, AFAIK) host's resources with Windows {for
Workgroups,95,NT} and LAN Manager clients. I am not sure about the Rumba
I know (a commercial product from Wall Data). They support a lot of
different platforms so they may have something.

What platform are you using? If you're using Linux then you can do it 
easyly because the Linux kernel has support for the IPX protocol.




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