smb and multiple networks and web servers

Dave Wreski dave at
Sat Sep 13 08:09:19 GMT 1997

Hi all.  I'm trying to use .17 on two linux boxes, on different networks
seperated by a firewall.  According to the logging on my ipfwadm firewall,
a connection is trying to be made to the network address, and not the two
particular IPs that are using samba. 

Do I have to allow the capability to broadcast between the two networks?
What problems are there with running samba between two networks, seperated
by a firewall?  netbios is 138, so I assumed I could just allow 138 from
point to point.

Should the corresponding 'interfaces =' argument contain both the local
interface, and the remote interface, for each network?

The whole reason I'm doing this is to allow users that develop web pages
from their NT machines on the internal network to write their changes to
the external web server, thru the internal interface on the firewall.

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to the best way to distribute
html code changes to a web server?  Is samba the right approach to begin

I was thinking about a cron script that would tar or copy the changes
automatically, but it might be best to have the users do this..

Could you please mail me directly too, as I only receive the digest at
this time. 


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