Folder Permissions

Maung, Than maungt at BRAGG.ARMY.MIL
Fri Sep 12 22:30:52 GMT 1997

Hi All,

Can somebody help me set this up.

I'm trying to set up a public folder on my SAMBA server which will let
my users create their own folders to store their files.
And not let everyone delete them.
Following are the problems I'm having:

1)	If I set the directory rights to 755 on /exports and share the
/exports/public directory with ~/public set to 755 

		Users can't create folders under ~/public.

2)	If I set the directory rights to 777 they can create folders.
But everybody can delete them. That is even if they change permissions
	To read only through windows.

Here's my smb,conf settings

	workgroup = projects
	guest account = guest
	browseable = yes
	domain controller =
	password server = nt_pdc
	security = server
	log level = 2
	log file = /logs/sambalogs/log.%m
	password level = 9
	encrypted password = yes
	lock directory = /lock/sambalocks
	remote announce =
	wins server = nt_wins
	strict locking = yes
	server string = SAMBA1
	comment = public
	path = /export/public
	browseable = yes
	public = yes
	guest account = guest
	guest ok = yes
	read only = no
	locking = yes
	write list = @myguys
	create mode = 0655
	printable = no
	mangled names = yes

Can somebody tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong.

Thanks in advance


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