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Fri Sep 12 14:32:58 GMT 1997

There is a solution that lets you access mail on your Unix server via Samba: mail4u.
It requires the Exchange Client on the PC side. Since mail4u and the Exchange Client
are available for 16 and 32bit, you can use Windows 3 and Windows 95 as well as
Windows NT. You can send mail locally as well as Internet Mail, and since mail4u is
written as a "transport provider", you can even use multiple transports at once.
For example, some existing MS-Mail postoffice for local mail, and mail4u for Internet mail
(although the MS-Mail postoffice is not required, mail4u has its own spool directories).
You have to modify your MTA configuration in a way that it writes local mail as seperate
files instead of a unix-style mailbox file. For outgoing mail, a shell script is needed
that feeds the spooled messages into sendmail. The necessary shellscript and modifications
for smail are provided with mail4u. With aliases, you can select mail4u/unix(pop3) delivery
or both at once for each user.


On Freitag, 12. September 1997 15:32, samba at wrote:
> I know this is a little offtopic for the list, but I think that this is
> probably the best place to look for people trying to do what we are.
> Our company has email using Microsoft Mail, which sadly requires windows
> on most desktops in the office so that people can read company memos,
> etc.  Mail to and from the Internet is handled using TFS Gateway
> software.
> Well, the computer lab is centered around a UNIX platform (mostly Linux,
> but a few Solaris systems strewn around). In order for US to read our MS
> Mail, we have to either have a seperate Windows machine for each person
> (which by nature of how our lab operates would essentially do nothing
> except read the mail) or constantly LILO boot into whichever OS we need
> "at the moment" (a very ugly solution).
> What I'm wondering is what solutions exist that would enable us
> technoweenies to get our mail without having to convince the entire
> company to abandon MS Mail and move to something based on standard
> protocols like POP or IMAP.
> I could mount the network drive the mailbox information is on, but I
> don't know of any client for the UNIX side that would either (a)
> read/write to the postoffice directly, or (b) grab and forward users
> mail and store it in a UNIX mailspool which we could then read locally
> using our preferred email client of choice.
> What might work (and would help us migrate users to a POP solution)
> would be the latter of the two options, such that the software knows
> enough to grab Users X, Y, and Z's mail, allows those users POP3 access
> TO their mail, and accepts SMTP mail from them. (either to other company
> employees, or to get forwarded out to the net).
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Derek Balling
> NOC Technician
> Peoples Choice TV
> 708-482-2941

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