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> Subject: PLEASE HELP with SMBTAR
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> Hello
> I have read the docs for smbtar a million times, and I am sorry if
> this is dumb but can someone please tell me the syntax
> to restore from tape to an NT box. I have been trying this command
> with no luck:
> smbtar -s PHOENIX -x cdrive -u administrator -p password -r -l 1 sanjay

You need to specify the filename/tape device (unless it is the default -
            -t archiveName

i.e. smbtar -s PHOENIX -p password -x cdrive -u administrator -t
/dev/rmt/0m -r -l 1 sanjay

(assuming sanjay is the directory you want to restore) - if you just want
everything, you can (probably) omit this.

Pat Sullivan
psullivan at

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