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Martin Mielke martin at
Thu Sep 11 11:00:40 GMT 1997

Hello Tim,
Hello Samba Readers,

first, I hope nobody at Cheyenne Software is reading this, and if
someone does, I apologize...:)

I found a cheaper solution for backing up data from the PC boxes through
the smbtar command. I did a simple script and it works quite fine by
now... Maybe it's not so coloful as Arcada could be (haven't seen it
yet) but it's certainly not so expensive compared to that.

What I did:
	- created a user called "root" on the WinNT box and gave it the
priviledges needed (the Win95 side gives no problems at the moment...)

	- on the UNIX side, created files containing the files/directories to
be backed up periodically (depends on your backups policy, of course)
and put them together under a directory i.e. SAMBA_BACKUPS (or whatever)

	- created a simple ksh script where the whole process is defined. It
reads the lists of files described above from the shared sources and
creates a nice .tgz archive on a desired destination.

Just put it as a cronjob and that's it! =B) 

I hope this helps you further. If someone out there knows of a
better/faster/accurated way to do that, *please* contact me!

Best regards,

/M at rtin
Martin Mielke
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