1.9.17p1: "The application failed to initial properly"

Norbert Weiss weiss at iml.fhg.de
Thu Sep 11 07:05:06 GMT 1997

Kevin Layer writes:
 > I was doing some C compiles with the MS C compiler (5.0) from the
 > command line while on a samba shared.  It used to work with 1.9.16,
 > but with the latest I get a dialup:
 > 		      c2.exe - Application Error
 >     The application failed to initial properly (0xc0000022).  Click on OK
 >     to terminate the application.

We have the same problem with MS C compiler (4.2) from the command line.
Our samba server is a Linux 2.0.30 system and the error occurs both with
FAST_SHARE_MODES compiled in or not. 
The error message appears not on every call of the compiler, when we run 
nmake it appears sometimes after 10 compiler calls sometimes when the compiler
is called for the first time.

Any Hints ??


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