logging out hangs win95 consistently

RHS Linux User jeremy at java.netapp.com
Thu Sep 11 00:10:12 GMT 1997

Firstly - please don't reply to the reply-to address in
this email. I'm working from home at the moment (I'm ill)
and haven't got my reply-to's sorted yet.

Now, with that out of the way :-).

Charles Owens wrote :

> Luke wrote:
>> someone's just reported that not using samba for WINS service sorts this 
>> out.  this i find particularly bizarre, but... what the heck!
> !!!  Hmmm... along my move from a flat to a subnetted environment, I began
> using samba as a WINS server for all clients.  So, maybe this _is_ the
> area where the problem lies.  !!!
> Going a bit further... wouldn't the fact that the locking up still happens
> even with my above registry tweak in place seem to indicate that the root
> cause of the problem is _not_ really in the area of user profile support?
> Unfortunately I don't have a WinNT server handy to temporarily use for to
> test this out (ie. problem goes away when not using samba for WINS
> server).  I could set one up though, if need be.

If you do this, and it cures the problem, then I have a threory
as to where the problem might be, and so how to fix it in the Samba
source code.

Between 1.9.16p11 and 1.9.17 there were changes to the name release
code in the WINS server part of nmbd (actually there was a crash
bug and a memory leak, but that's by the by :-).

If nmbd as a WINS server isn't responding correctly to a name
release request then that may cause the hanging.

Before you put in a NT WINS server, could you try setting nmbd
to run with debug level 10 (that'll produce a *lot* of output so
remember to set the log size to zero to allow infinite size logs)
and then let a few PC's log out & hang - the resulting trace may be
*very* interesting.

I *really* want to nail this - if it's an MS bug then that's
ok, but I just need to know..... 

Jeremy Allison.
Samba Team.

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