Win95 logout lockups

Tim Winders twinders at
Thu Sep 11 00:00:21 GMT 1997

> someone's just reported that not using samba for WINS service sorts this
> out.  this i find particularly bizarre, but... what the heck!

WAIT A MINUTE!  I had mentioned that Win95B might be the problem... BUT...
the lab that upgraded to Win95B from Win95a (fdisk/reformat etc) went from
having Novell Client32 ONLY to having BOTH Novell Client32 AND Client for
Microsoft Networks.  TCP/IP has always been loaded, with the WINS server
being assigned by DHCP, but it was never actually used since there was NO
MS Client loaded...

Sooooooh... my next step is to remove WINS support from the TCP/IP stack
and see what happens.  Even though many of the lockups I am having don't
involve shares/login etc to Samba, Samba in there in the WINS capacity
ALWAYS...  (Althought the lockups don't ALWAYS occur...)

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