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Gerard Hammond g.hammond at
Wed Sep 10 23:23:06 GMT 1997

>On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Charles Owens wrote:
>> Now for the bad news.  ;-)  It seems that something has crept into this
>> new version that causes my Win95 clients to almost always hang when the
>> user logs out!
> I had this same problem too. All of the machines (except a few) would hang
>when logging out. If I then sign back on to a particular machine that DID
>log out, all of the hung machines instantly become unhung. I solved this
>problem by switching from Samba WINS to NT WINS.
>Samba WINS appears to have problems with Win95.

I too have been seeing Win95b systems hang when closing/logging off from
1.9.17 (WINS and DOMAIN MASTER = Yes).  I fired up an alternative Win NT
server running WINS and after reconfiguring the WIN95 to this new WINS NT
server the logoff worked ok.  Unfortunately, I then restarted SAMBA. I then
re-reconfigured the win95 back to the SAMBA WINS server and the Win 95
logged of the correctly.

It looks like the SAMBA WINS server needs to be restarted to stop win 95
logout hangs.  So a simple stop and start may stop the win95b hangs.


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