NetBEUI for Unix?

David Scott ds at
Wed Sep 10 16:51:47 GMT 1997

Does anyone know if someone has been perverse enough to write a version of
NetBEUI for Unix?  I'm asking this because my latest hypothesis on why
Corel WP 7 won't install to my Samba share is that the install program is
making direct calls into the transport layer.  Presumably, the redirector
should kick up a fuss (I don't have NetBEUI installed) but maybe it does

I know that NetBIOS and NetBEUI used to be one and the same -- presumably
RFC1002 and RFC1003 came about to put some order into the situation.

I'm not about to invest humungous amounts of time on WP7, but why it
doesn't work intrigues me.  The problem may come up again when it really

Does any of this make sense?

David Scott

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