Windoze NIS client

Edan Idzerda edan at
Wed Sep 10 16:35:56 GMT 1997

Thomas Hansen <tmh at> wrote:
> If not, do anyone know of a NT product, that will enable the NT PDC
> server to be updated by a NIS server, i.e. a NT NIS client product.

Sun's Solstice Network Client 3.1 lets your Win 3.1/3.11/95/NT
box be a NIS/NIS+/NFS client.  You can check it out at:

It looks pretty nifty; I know some people who are running it now
and they seem pleased with it.  I think it uses pcnfsd to 
authenticate (eek!) but other than it looks slicker than snot.

- edan

Edan Idzerda	<edan at>
System Administrator --  Michigan Technological University, Houghton MI USA

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