logging out hangs win95 consistently

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Wed Sep 10 17:03:40 GMT 1997

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Charles Owens wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > charles,
> > 
> > the only thing that i can suggest is that you try and do what i just 
> > attempted, just now.  if it doesn't work, i'll let you in on a small 
> > secret hack that might have something to do with it (to do with code 
> > pages and country codes, in NetUserGetInfo).
> > 
> > from a fresh boot-up, instead of logging on to the w95 machine, press
> > escape.  then, close progs, log off, and when you get the dialog prompt
> > again, _again_ press escape (this procedure is to _stop_ the w95 machine
> > from thinking that the previous users' profile is the default one.
> > 
> > then, backup and then delete the entire contents of the c:\windows\profiles 
> > 
> > then, delete all c:\windows\*.pwl files.
> > 
> > then, in each user profile directory on the samba server, delete the 
> > user.dat files.  i haven't deleted the entire contents of the remote 
> > profile directory, and i don't think it's necessary.
> > 
> > check the keyboard settings, country settings etc etc.
> > 
> > then log in some users, log them out, and see if it creates USER.DAT files.
> > 
> > if that doesn't work, then... well.  i started throwing mice around.  then 
> > went upstairs for some hot milk and some salt and vinegar crisps.
> > 
> > luke
> I haven't tried this procedure explicitly, because I don't think it
> applies in my case, especially for my lab computers.  When they're logged
> in a logon script runs that does the following: 
> 	deltree c:\windows\profiles
> 	mount net drives, printers
> 	etc.

i have something similar, for the guest account.

> Password caching is turned off on all machines via samba-served system
> policies.  All share mounting is done via the logon script, not password
> lists.

ah, ok.

> The default logon account does not have a home directory at all.  Also, in
> a fit of desperation, I've disabled roving profile loading on these lab
> systems by adding the registry entry:
> 	Hkey_Local_Machine\Network\Logon\UseHomeDirectory=DWORD:0
> 	(Win95 Resource Kit, page 487)
> Still the problem happens...
> It happens on systems that have been in place for months and on systems
> that I've reintalled from the ground up just this week.
>               ---------------------------------------
> Here's where I get a bit rash:  ;-)
> In 1.19.17 roving profiles are listed as being more properly supported. 
> From this I infer that any previous support was only a subset of the
> complete functionality as exhibited by WinNT.  Fine and dandy. 

no, not the case: i simply documented my experiences.  therefore, more of 
these problems appear to be coming out of the woodwork.

> Even though this support in 1.19.16pX was not complete, as far as I was
> aware it worked with the functionality that I'd expect.  (ie. when I log
> in, user.dat gets loaded.  when I log out, it gets saved.  every time!) 
> And, most importantly, the current "locking up when logging out" behavior
> never happened!
> Given that this bug is a REALLY BAD THING, in that it really screws up
> things for many a samba user, I'd like you to consider the following
> courses of action:
> 	1. produce an iterim release with all roving profiles
> 		code reverted to 1.19.16p11 state.

um, there actually hasn't been any significant code change for the 
profile support.  the only thing of any significance is that i changed 
the default profile directory from \\%L\HOMES to \\%L\%U\profile (because 
of problems with NT).  i think i filled in some of the other fields, 
instead of "<User Name>" i actually put the user's name.

i also did a code comparison of the main sections in smbd (server.c, 
ipc.c, trans2.c, reply.c) and couldn't see anything particularly 
significantly different from 1.9.16p2 to 1.9.17p1.  there was some DOS 
error reporting, a mod to unix_path() to take an argument "&bad_path", 
some changes to NetServerEnum2, some printing stuff, some share modes / 
file locking...

not a lot to do with profiles!

> 	- or -
> 	2. produce an iterim release with all roving profiles
> 		code disabled

that's simple, and can be done without a code release.  disable profiles 
on the w95 clients.

> Obviously #1 would be preferred, but I can live without roving profiles
> for a while, but I can't live with this bug.
> Certainly the root cause of this bug needs to be found, but I'm sure we'd
> all prefer stability to be the priority.  It is a shame that all of the
> other great advances in the current release are married with this bug.

someone's just reported that not using samba for WINS service sorts this 
out.  this i find particularly bizarre, but... what the heck!


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