Win95/SMB mounts on non-standard ports

Stephen Williams sdw at
Wed Sep 10 15:53:22 GMT 1997

I need suggestions!

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve:

Win95 (and possibly WinNT) pc's connecting to a site from various
locations over the Internet (using various methods).

Dynamic IP assumed, etc.

Using ssh/sshd for security which supports socket proxy in both
directions over an encrypted, compressed, authenticated TCP
connection.  This allows X windows, telnet/rlogin, connecting or
listening on certain ports on both sides for databases, etc.


With ssh on a separate box (ie. a Linux box next to the PC in question
on a local network) it's a simple matter to proxy ports 137/138 with
an entry in the Win95 lmhosts and mount a remote file system securely.

What I'd like to accomplish is using the Win95 SSH client (commercial
from, $100) to allow the same machine to access an
SMB file system proxied from the Win95 SSH.

Ideally you would be able to specify the ports in lmhosts also or even
in the registry, but I've found no reference for this and it doesn't
surprise me that MS left it out.  As a comparison, you can easily
specify all ports for NFS.

I either need the local SSH to be able to proxy the normally local
ports (137/138 for and be able to specify in
lmhosts (about to try that) OR be able to map a different IP address
(say and port connections to it to different ports on so that I can proxy them.

Or course the server side of this is trivial.

If necessary, I'm going to explore writing or having written a Winsock
wedge that functions much like the SSH wedge to do the remapping.

The immediate goal (there are many uses for this obviously) is to
allow publishing to web space as writing to a file system that happens
to map to the web server space but looks to any tool like a file

The tool in question supports FTP (too much of a headache and too
risky) but not HTTP writes...

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