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Wed Sep 10 14:03:19 GMT 1997

>>Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 08:46:34 -0700
>>From: vbaca at lx8.Coded.COM (Virginia L. Baca)
>>To: samba at
>>Message-ID: <199709081546.IAA10401 at Coded.COM>
>>I hope I'm not insulting you all by bringing up the six
>>letter word "Novell".   I have a need to access the data
>>from a database housed on a Novell server.  All I want
>>to do is mount the Novell filesystem on my Solaris 2.5.1
>>server and use the data in Solaris analysis programs.
>>Samba works great for me with PCs and I thought I heard 
>>there was some work going on for Novell.  How far away is
>>this feature  or will it ever be.   Most Novellites
>>would purchase a module to do, but we are not looking at
>>our own system, it is a customer's system and we will
>>be analysing the customer's data.  Sun and other vendors
>>are dropping their support of this software.  I'm forced
>>to look elseware and I don't want to go to Novell for the
>>It doesn't have to be freeware, it just has to work and be
>>supported if we need it.

I to have a Novell Server to deal with on my network.  My solution to the
problem was a program called NCPFS. (source can be ftp'd from Sunsite)  I'm
not sure whether it will work under Solaris, but it works great under Linux.
NCPFS will let you log into a Novell file server and mount it's filesystem
on a UNIX box.  I then just set up a Samba share for my Novell mounted
directory and users are able to Drag/Drop files through Samba onto the
Novell Server.

>As Luke replied, there is a Novell version of Samba.  (Haven't tried it
>myself.  Best of luck.)
>It seems like you could use this with smbtar to get those files off of
>the Netware server.
>Your next best solution would be to set up a Linux system, copy the
>files off of the NW server and into an NFS'd directory (or use ftp.)
>I think there is a problem with NFS reexporting SMB/NCP mounts  from
>Linux because of the lack of inodes in the latter.

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