samba-1.9.17p1 Glitch

Mark KNIGHT mark.knight at
Wed Sep 10 08:41:21 GMT 1997

I've just downloaded and installed samba-1.9.17p1.

As soon as I restarted nmbd, my console/syslog started to receive:

nmbd[8556]: reply_netbios_packet: r_a not to be used when not a WINS server

Comparing the source with samba-1.9.17 the 'DEBUG' line that generates this
message did not exist before, so I simply commented it out in
'namepacket.c'. Does this message indicate a problem, of was it simply left
in by mistake?

System is SunOS 4.1.4/gcc serving WfW 3.11 clients. System IS configured as
a WINS server.

PS: Otherwise so far samba-1.9.17p1 seems fine for me, thanks!


Mark Knight.

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