Still browsing problems with samba-1.9.17p1

Eckard Koch czkec at
Wed Sep 10 07:17:40 GMT 1997

ohnielse at (Ole Holm Nielsen) writes:

> With patch 1 of samba 1.9.17, browsing of remote subnets still doesn't
> work:  Windows 95 still only sees workgroups on the SAMBA server's
> local subnet, whereas workgroups on remote subnets are invisible.

Here is what I did to enable browsing between workgroups on different
subnets. By default each workgroup is isolated in its own subnet. 
On each subnet there is one domain master for the related workgroup.

One SAMBA-client from subnet A is assigned to WORKGROUP_B which is
located on subnet B. This SAMBA-client becomes the local browse master
for the WORKGROUP_B on subnet A. It is acting as a router for the
browsing information of WORKGROUP_B on subnet A. Each of the members
of WORKGROUP_A on subnet A should now have the WORKGROUP_B in the
browse list. This apparently only works in one direction. WORKGROUP_B
on Subnet B is still only seeing the browse list of WORKGROUP_B. You
need to add a SAMBA-client on subnet B to WORKGROUP_A to make
WORKGROUP_A visible on subnet B.

The configuration I am using at the moment consists of three
workgroups which are located on three broadcast isolated subnets. I am
using a WinNT server as the WINS server and PDC of one
workgroup/domain. The two other subnets do not contain WinNT servers
only SAMBA/Win3.11/Win95 and WinNT Workstations. SAMBA acts on these
two subnets as domain master and WINS proxy. I have no idea what
would happen if the WINS server would be replaced by a SAMBA WINS

Hope this helps,

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