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At 05:22 AM 9/10/97 +1000, Hiran Chaudhuri wrote:
>Forgive me!

Luke: Got this one.

>I know it's a bit offtopic, but...

Not a problem...

>While compiling Samba (latest) under Linux, I found out that I need a lib
>called libshadow for the shadow password suite. But in which packet is
>that? Could not find it on the harddrive, even after installing the source
>of the shadow packet.

First off, what version of Linux and from which distribution? Some
distributions don't give you latest shadow source.

Secondly, you should have a /usr/lib/libshadow.a  on your disk, or you
aren't actually using shadow passwords. It should be in a */lib/ somewhere.
If nothing else it should be in the build directory for the shadow suite
(in my case is condor:/usr/local/src/shadow-970616/lib/libshadow.a ). If it
isn't in either /lib or /usr/lib then you are not actually using shadows.

If you aren't running shadow suite then read the following areas in the

line      Description.
----      --------------
179:     * Linux with shadow passwords
180:     * Linux without shadow passwords

Then you should read the dox on the shadow suite. If you are not allowing
strangers on your system then I wouldn't bother with shadows. Life might be
easier if you didn't. If you are only supporting users whom do not have a
shell account anyway then, why bother? Unless, of course, you are silly
enough to share out /etc. I do that but, I have a trusted LAN environment
and even I need a passwd to get into it AND I run shadows. But then, I
allow shell accounts from outside my Inet Domain. 

You might also want to look at 

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