RedHat Linux: Samba-1.9.17p1 RPMs Update 3

John H Terpstra jht at
Tue Sep 9 17:06:07 GMT 1997

I have just uploaded samba-1.9.17p1-3.i386.rpm and it's source RPM

This fixes the libdes dependency that caused installation to fail.
It now includes /etc/pam.d/samba (left out of official release).
Please beware: if you have installed pam-0.57-4 you will now
need to install the update with the --nodeps and --force options
to rpm.

There is a buglett in the supplied /etc/smb.conf file in the [Globals]
section. The parameter "encrypted passwords = no" should read:
"encrypt passwords = no". Please hand modify this typo. It too will
be fixed in the next update.

John H Tersptra - Samba-Team

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