logging out hangs win95 consistently

Charles Owens owensc at enc.edu
Tue Sep 9 15:28:09 GMT 1997


First of all, let me say once again what a truly nifty thing samba is.
The performance and functionality improvements with 1.9.17 are just great!

Now for the bad news.  ;-)  It seems that something has crept into this
new version that causes my Win95 clients to almost always hang when the
user logs out! Here's the specifics:

Server1: PDC, domain logon server, print server
Server2: WINS server
Server3: Read-only file server (PC applications)

Servers 1 & 3 are at 1.9.17p1.  Server 2 is at 1.9.17beta5.
		Before yesterday all servers were at beta5 with
		same problem occurring.
Servers 1 & 2 run FreeBSD.  Server 3 runs AIX 3.2.5 .

All servers are in a different IP subnet than clients.  All clients are
configured as P-type netbios nodes (non-broadcast).  At the same time I
moved from 1.9.16p11 to 1.9.17, the network was changed from a single IP
subnet to this new multi-subnet topology.

Just a few users have home dirs accessible to logon server.  With 1.9.16pX
when these few users logged in and out USER.DAT would be correctly
accessed from their home dir. 

Now (with 1.9.17) when logging out, the user clicks okay (to confirm the
log-out) the screen dims, the pointer becomes an hour-glass, and progress
halts.  The mouse can still be moved, but the system must be reset to
restore operation.  This happens during most, but not all, log out
attempts.  From looking at a level 3 log, it appears that USER.DAT gets
successfully accessed (if the user has a home dir) during log-in, BUT, the
log shows NO samba activity whatsoever during the log-out attempt!!! (at
least that's what I _think_ I'm seeing).

This behavior is consistent across any of 40 general access lab computers
and any of 40 faculty/staff computers.  Given this level of pervasiveness
it would seem that we're looking at some kind of bug. 

Note, much of my discussion above focuses on the loading of user profiles. 
I'm not necessarily convinced that this is the _root_ cause of this
problem, though problems with this are certainly part of the visible
symptoms.  Knowing that the roving profiles code has just been reworked
does tend to make one suspicious.  I've also wondered if this could be
somehow WINS related...

What is the best way for me to trouble shoot this?  Shall I send
in (to Luke?) level 3 (or higher?) logs?  Is anyone else seeing this
behavior?  If so, is your topology similar to mine?

Please cc all replies to me directly, as I'm not subscribed to the samba

Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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